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June 10 - 14, 2024 - $150
Fairytale Theatre Camp - FULL
Ages: 6 - 10
Time: 9am - noon
Instructor: Jamie Harrington
Min / Max: 7 / 15
Have fun creating a performance of Cinderella while learning how a show comes together. Campers will learn acting skills, learn a dance and do arts and crafts while putting together a performance.

June 17 - 28, 2024 - $275
Show Intensive! Willy Wonka Kids - FULL
Ages: 8 - 15
Time: Monday - Friday (9am - 12:30pm)
Friday, June 28 (7pm)
Saturday, June 29 (3pm)
Saturday, June 29 (7pm)
Sunday, June 30 (3pm)
Possible Holdover: Sunday (7pm)
Instructors: Tiffany Dinsmore, Mary Jo Johnson, McCall Bethurem
Max: 25
2 weeks til Opening! In this camp we will do everything needed to put on a show in only 2 weeks! Rehearsals, dancing, singing, acting, making props, getting costumes, making a set. Ready or not ... a full weekend of shows! This summer's show is Willy Wonka Kids - everyone loves candy, right!?

July 8 - 12, 2024 - $150
We're Putting on a Play! Camp - FULL
Ages: 10 - 15
Time: 9am - noon
Instructor: Christy Spears
Min / Max: 10 / 25
Camp will cover: Script Knowledge, Actor’s Toolbox, Stage Directions, Memorization Techniques, Blocking, Acting/Rehearsal Techniques

The campers will come on Saturday, July 13 at 9am and then perform the play at 11am for the public. Seats available first come first serve.

Toys, you know, don’t automatically know how to be the perfect plaything for their future owners. They have to learn how to do their thing at TOY SCHOOL! Jig and Saw, Ted E. Bear, Princess Ann, Glow Toy, and others have come to TOY SCHOOL to hopefully graduate and receive their price tags so they can attain the privilege of being sold at toy stores. Not graduating from TOY SCHOOL means certain doom at the Toy Dump! With the help of Cool Cat, the teacher’s assistant, these all-too-human toys learn about paying attention, practicing and persevering, developing self-confidence and overcoming both their fears and weaknesses... but only after a charming and funny series of trial and error! They even have a frightening run-in with an imaginary witch when they let their fears get the best of them! With gentle lessons about liking yourself, having confidence and not giving up, each toy finally realizes that it is good at something. Before receiving their price tags, they all discover the value of believing in themselves as well as the importance of education and friendship!

July 8 - 19, 2024 - $275
Show Intensive! Willy Wonka Kids 2 - FULL
We have had so much interest for our "Show Intensive! Willy Wonka Kids" camp that we are adding another! Same show, same fun, just different dates/times.
Ages: 8 - 15
Time: Monday - Friday (1pm - 430pm)
Friday, July 19 (7pm)
Saturday, July 20 (3pm)
Saturday, July 20 (7pm)
Sunday, July 21 (3pm)
Possible Holdover: Sunday (7pm)
Instructors: Tiffany Dinsmore, Mary Jo Johnson, McCall Bethurem
Max: 25
2 weeks til Opening! In this camp we will do everything needed to put on a show in only 2 weeks! Rehearsals, dancing, singing, acting, making props, getting costumes, making a set. Ready or not ... a full weekend of shows! This summer's show is Willy Wonka Kids - everyone loves candy, right!?

July 15 - 19, 2024 - $150
Off the Cuff: Improv Camp - FULL
Ages: 10 - 18
Time: 9am - noon
Instructor: Aurora Gastright
Min / Max: 6 / 15
Come have some fast paced fun with Improv and Theatre. Learn to react in the moment, work as a team, create original scripts, expand your creativity and delve into character development. There will be a short performance on the last day of camp.

July 22 - 26, 2024 - $150

Ages: 8 - 12
Time: 9am - Noon
Instructor: Brady Davis & Haley Berube
Min / Max: 8 / 15
Learn some basic hip hop dance techniques and learn Choreography and perform them on the last day. You will have fun with some theatre games, stretching and learning hip hop dance moves.
You will get ROTTEN as you BEAT IT to the BATTLE OF YORKTOWN and bust a move!
"Rotten to the Core" from Descendants, "The Battle of Yorktown" from Hamilton, and "Beat It" from The Michael Jackson Musical

July 22 - 26, 2024 - $150
Stage Scribblers: Where Young Playwrights Shine - FULL
Ages: 8 - 12
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Instructor: Ella Riley
Min / Max: 4 / 12
In this one week summer camp, young actors ages 8-12 will spend 5 days brainstorming, writing, blocking, and performing a short play. The camp will include work on learning how to format a script, develop characters, and collaborate as a group!

Please email Tiffany Dinsmore at if you have any questions.



Ms. Bethurem

McCall Bethurem

Grace McCall Bethurem has been a musical theater performer for over 20 years. McCall grew up in Denver, Colorado performing nationally and internationally with Kids in America Theater Company. McCall loves the performing arts and had her first paid theater role at 10 years old. She has since performed in over 30 musicals and plays. As a child news anchor on television, McCall also received training in acting for film and television and had several film credits as well. McCall has also worked as a Production Assistant for films and commercials for the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo, UT. McCall attended Brigham Young University where she studied vocal performance, theater and dance and trained alongside the nationally acclaimed BYU Cougarettes. McCall is trained in mix/belt vocal instruction and took lessons in SLC with nationally renowned vocal coach, Dean Kaelin. Since graduating from college McCall has performed and choreographed in the Denver Metro Area with favorite stage roles as Grace Farrell in Annie, Lola in Damn Yankees and Abigail Williams in The Crucible.

Since moving to South Carolina 6 years ago McCall has been privileged to privately train voice students and perform and direct with Chapin Theatre Company. She has also been teaching acting at The Southern Strutt. McCall loves sharing the joy of performing with the rising generation of performers. Whether through dance, vocal performance or theater, McCall loves helping you find your voice!

Ms. Johnson

Mary Jo Johnson

Mary Jo Johnson is a classically trained music theatre performer with 20 years of professional stage experience. Having performed in Equity theaters across the country, Mary Jo has shared the stage with many performing legends: Joel Gray, Carol Channing, Jodi Benson, Nell Carter, Brian D’Arcy James, Blair Underwood, Karen Morrow, Juliette Prowse, Tom Key, and numerous others. She has performed in over 30 musicals, and even has a few commercial and film credits as well. Her favorite roles include Annie Oakley in Annie Get You Gun, Maggie in A Chorus Line, Louisa in The Fantastics, Peep-Bo in The Hot Mikado, and Young Phyllis in Follies. Since retiring from the stage, Mary Jo has produced, directed, choreographed and vocally coached performances for theatre, industrial productions, churches, camps, and private students.

Mary Jo received a BMP in Music Theatre from Florida State University, and has taken master classes under Joseph Papp, Lynn Stallings, Honey Coles, Mandy Benson, Siri Sat Nam, Frank Hatchet, and many others. She continued to train in voice, dance and acting as she worked professionally, and just recently she began attending workshops in film and television work with Canedy Knowles, Jorjenna Marie, Jack Alcott, Bonnie Gillespie, and Clifton Gutterman.

Teaching and equipping the next generation of performers, while discovering and instilling important life-lessons along the way, Mary Jo desires to provide a positive environment for students to learn, grow and discover their unique value through the performing arts.

Ms. Dinsmore

Tiffany Dinsmore

Tiffany Dinsmore has been a performer since she was in elementary school. She was born in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and grew up all over the state. Tiffany has been on the stage, the small screen and the big screen. She especially loves directing and watching actors grow throughout a performance. She attended Troy State University (Go Trojans!) where she studied voice, drama and stagecraft while getting her degrees in Mathematics and Biology. Since moving to South Carolina (her 8th state) she has performed on many stages around the Midlands. Some of her favorite performances have been Miami Vice, being in 2 movies with her husband, Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz, Honey Rae Futrelle in the Jones, Hope, Wooten Futrelle sisters trilogy and Walt Disney World. Tiffany has been teaching and directing theatre close to 20 years now. She loves watching the joy on new performers faces as they fall in love with theatre.

Ms. Fletcher

Charlotte Fletcher

Charlotte Fletcher has been pursuing the art of Theatre Education for six years, but she has been a Theatre Artist since she was in third grade! She has a Bachelor of Theatre Studies degree from Towson University and a Masters in Arts and Teaching Theatre from the University of South Carolina. She has been teaching at Richland Northeast High School for four years, and last Summer was her instructional debut at Chapin Theatre Company. Teaching, singing, performing, and spreading joy are her life passions. She can't wait to work more with these young artists!

Ms. Gastright

Aurora Gastright

Aurora Gastright is a mom of two who loves sharing the theatre world with young minds. She has been a Children's Theatre Director for 6 years now. She is excited to join Chapin Theatre to help encourage young actors and actresses to grow their love for theatre and themselves.

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones has been dancing since the 7th grade. She has a passion for Jazz, hip hop, and lyrical styles of dance. Hannah has also been doing musical theater since the 5th grade and absolutely adores it. She has a heart for kids and is super excited to share her love for dance with them. Hannah is so happy for the opportunity to teach dance classes here at Chapin Theater, as it is the first step to her dream job of being an elementary school and dance teacher!

Jamie Harrington

Jamie Harrington

Jamie Harrington is the theatre teacher at Dutch Fork High School. Before working at DFHS she was The Director of Youth at Town Theatre for 12 years. She has worked professionally in theatre for over 20 years and has had the privilege of touring the country with several professional theatre troupes that allowed her to perform in over 40 of the 50 states. She has directed many musicals and plays and has won accolades including Best Musical from the Free Times and Best Direction of a Play from Broadway World South Carolina. She is looking forward to leading a summer camp at Chapin.

Ella Riley

Ella Riley

Ella Riley has been working on, behind, and around the stage for almost 15 years. Currently a student at USC, majoring in Education, she has previously participated in Town Theatre’s Teen Troupe, South Carolina’s Tri-District Arts Consortium, and the several programs at the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. She currently serves on the board at Chapin Theatre Company and is excited to teach a class at CAPA this year!

Christy Spears

Christy Spears

Christy Spears is the Performing Arts Director at Chapin Middle School and has worked with Chapin Theatre Company in a handful of productions such as The Jungle Book, Closed for the Holidays and Clue. Christy graduated from Lexington High School and then the University of South Carolina with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications. She began her teaching career in 2005 at Blythewood Middle School and later became the Performing Arts Director at Chapin Middle School in 2019. This was a life-changing decision for her as she fell in love with theatre. Two years later, she earned her Master of Arts in Theatre from Regent University. She feels fortunate to teach talented performers who refer to her as “Drama Mama!” She absolutely loves her job and I looks forward to helping her students find a love for the performing arts and gain confidence in themselves whether on or off the stage!

Mr. Davis

Brady Davis

Brady is a 17 year old performer with 6 years experience in all styles of dance. Brady enjoys any style of dance or expression through movement. Prior to beginning dance classes Brady found his passion through theatre productions. His favorite shows he has been in are "Kinky Boots", "The Little Mermaid", "Shrek the Musical", and "Peter Pan". Brady could not be more excited to teach this hip hop camp!!

Ms. Berube

Haley Berube

Bio coming.

Please email Tiffany Dinsmore at if you have any questions.

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